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Taigu County Tengfei Carbon Co., Ltd. was founded in 1997. With a registered capital of 17 million, total assets of 500 million yuan and 320 employees, Taigu County Tengfei Carbon Co., Ltd. is one of the largest carbon enterprises in electrolytic aluminum in China, producing various specifications over power graphite electrodes. Furnace conductive electrode, graphite square, cathode carbon block, graphite cathode carbon block and supporting paste.

The company is committed to the research and development of carbon graphite products. Our company produces ordinary cathode carbon blocks and high-graphite cathode carbon blocks. It is widely trusted and praised by customers. It is well sold in major aluminum factories at home and abroad and has established a good reputation. . Ascendas carbon adheres to the road of leading technology and technology development. Leading the industry, adopting advanced production technology, inorganic variable frequency vibration technology of our molding machine, computer control technology of automatic batching system, natural gas use in roasting workshop, suction technology of graphing workshop, numerical control technology of machining workshop And advanced analytical testing equipment are the most advanced technologies in China. We have independent import and export rights and our products are sold all over the world.

At the beginning of 2018, the company built a new ultra-high-power graphite electrode project with an annual output of 50,000 tons. It is a medium-sized innovative technology enterprise integrating technology advancement, equipment modernization and manufacturing serialization. It is engaged in technology research and development, process design, production and processing of new graphite materials. A new carbon base with comprehensive capabilities for business services. The company is equipped with a heavy-duty 4100-ton horizontal reverse pressure extrusion press and a 2000-ton Shandong Huapeng heavy-duty extrusion press. It can produce ultra-high-power graphite electrodes with a diameter of 700. Four ring roasting kiln (18, 26, 30, 36) are equipped with impregnation and tunnel kiln. The new 30-chamber graphitization furnace realizes the complete process flow of graphitized electrode production and realizes one-stop service for customers.

The company has won the honorary titles of [Shuxi Excellent Enterprise, Jinzhong Science and Technology Innovation Enterprise, Taigu County Model Enterprise, Taigu County Star Enterprise, Taigu County Taxpaying Advanced Enterprise\", and is a member of China Carbon Association, Jinzhong City. The Carbon Association\'s governing unit has participated in the preparation and drafting of China\'s carbon product standards for many times, and has made significant contributions to the healthy development of China\'s carbon industry.

Taigu County is the hometown of a generation of great Confucian Mencius mothers. The legend of \"Mengmu Sanqian\" is well-known. Therefore, the company\'s corporate culture is deeply influenced by Confucian culture. We adhere to the cultural concept of \"having friends from afar, not happy\". Adhere to the principle of customer first, consistently willing to provide customers with better products and services.

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Taigu Tengfei Carbon Co., Ltd.

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